Al Sadu Society plans to work on developing and introducing a new generation of weavers, while empowering existing local weavers. A 12-month project is meant to strengthen the ties with local master weavers and engage their knowledge and skills while educating new weavers and weaving instructors, from our pool of art teachers, artists and artisans.

Current Sponsor: Kuwait Gulf Oil Company

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Admission fee for this course is 40 KD

Sadu Educational Initiative

As part of our Educational initiative, we organize workshops for the Ministry of Education, supporting teachers
in learning the methodology of teaching when it comes to the historic and artistic art of Sadu. The program is
aimed to shed light on the illuminating aspects of Kuwaiti heritage and social history as it shapes the overall
cultural identity and encourage artistic expression. These workshops are the extension of our collaborative and
scholastic work of introducing this textile heritage in school courses intended for middle school curriculums in