"The Art of Weaving"
Training Course 

In Collabration with


To continue the successful collaboration between AlSadu Society and the Ministry of Education (MOE) which introduced the Art of Sadu Weaving in the Arts Education Department Curriculum. AlSadu Society has organized an intensive five-day workshop on the 27th, 29th September and 4th, 6th and 7th October 2021, from 9am-12pm. 

An intensive course in the art of weaving (Al-Ragom design) was offered to 21 trainees from the MOE’s art department heads. The weaver instructor, Ms. Laila Yasser, demonstrated the weaving process to the trainees.

Moreover, additional intensive courses are currently being organized for each of the seven educational district areas. The workshops are held twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays) from 9 am to 12 pm and teaches groups of 20 trainees at a time. The training course started on October 11th and will end on November 25th. The weaving instructor, Ms. Laila Yasser, and the MOE’s Arts Education department heads are supervising the training sessions.


Start date: 11th Oct 2021
End date: 25th Nov 2021
Days: Mondays and Thursdays 
9am - 12pm 

Split into 7 groups according to the 7 governorates of Kuwait, each group containing 20 trainees. 
Trainees are teachers from the Ministry of Education.
Once completed department heads from MOE will introduce the weaving curriculum in art classes (public schools and one private school).

AlAhmedi educational district:

Thursday 18th November 

Monday 15th November

Hawally educational district: 

Monday 25th October 

Thursday 28th October 

Farwaniya educational district:

Monday 1st November

Thursday 4th November 

AlAsimah educational district: 
Monday 8th November 
Thursday 11th November 

:Jahra school district

Monday 11th October 

Thursday 14th October 


Mubarek AlKabeer educational district:

Monday 18th October

Thursday 21st October

Private Education

Monday 22nd November 

Thursday 25th November